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I'm Robert.
I'm part of the Certified @ Notion program and I'm here to build a local community where Western intellectual practices are promoted.
First contact wih NotionASAP
Learn the foundationPersonal knowledge
Real life applicationsVery important
Enjoy the resultWin an important skill
What is Notion?
The place where you have extreme freedom.
From the simplest thingsWith Notion you can do absolutely anything. Maybe you need a place for your school notes. Or maybe you simply want to store your everyday information somewhere.🎒 Tasks system • Freeor more templates right here.
To complex databasesImagine you need to store information in a very personal or professional way. Tables as you want, lists as you want, etc. You can find them all here, for free.📚 Student Workspace • Freeor more templates right here.
Don't know where to start?
It is very simple. I have left you two plans below, depending on your interests: personal or business. We are waiting for you in the Notion community!
For advice on the implementation of Notion in your business, you can always send an email to the address
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